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Health and Nutrition

Organic Vegetables

At Coolamon Early Learning, we have an on-site food coordinator who prepares our meals daily. We provide three meals a day including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. If your child comes extra early to us we will also provide breakfast. Our menus are seasonally based and changed regularly to provide a range of delicious cuisines and allow children to explore their taste buds. As we change our menus, we carefully plan these menus along side the 'Get up and Grow' nutrition guidelines to ensure all meals are nutritionally balanced throughout all food groups.​

As we have children within our service with allergies and dietary requirements, as per our policy we ask that no outside food be brought into the service (with the acceptance of discussions with our service coordinator) to ensure the health and safety of all children within our service.​

We have a range of vegetable gardens and fruit and vegetable trees throughout our yard. Gardening is a fun, educational experience for children to participate as they learn and grow. We use these as teaching opportunities with the children to understand and develop a range of new skills such as life cycles of plants to the importance of healthy eating. We incorporate gardening into our programme every day and use the fruits and vegetables we grow for children to create their own delicious food to taste and experiment with. We even leave out some of our delicious fruit, vegetables and herbs for our families to take home!

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