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Our Philosophy

Child Playing

Our service has an acceptance of and respect for cultural diversity, community, harmony and inclusion. We allow opportunities for all children to express themselves and make meaning of the world.​

At our service, we provide the foundation of children's education and social and emotional development through carefully planned programs created by our educators. 

Our centre is designed to create an environment of trust and respect where your child can grow emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. Our rich play-based learning environments both indoors and outdoors at our service allow children to explore and extend on their learning and understanding of the world through different opportunities throughout the day. Each room within the centre is designed and created in ways that support all children and allow them to play and learn through a variety of experiences created by educators. We take pride in the opportunities and experiences we provide to each child through an exciting programme that is carefully planned by our experienced educators. 


Our service has a dedicated approach to continuous improvement to ensure to ensure that your child is being provided the best possible care and education. We believe children learn best when there is a positive, collaborative relationship between educators, families and children at our service where we can establish a supportive network that builds upon your child's education.​

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